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20w50 Daytona Engine Oil 5L recomended for early type Rover engines Meeting the API specifications SF and CC.

£ 32.89

Part Number: BA 4747

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Additional Information

Supercedes XDA455
Categories Lubricants & Fluids
Products Engine Oil
Suitable for Vehicles Universal
Suitable for Models Universal
Suitable for Application Universal
Suitable for Fitment All Models
Frame Size N/A
Fitting Instructions


Engine oil is an imperative aspect of any good working engine, ensuring no metal to metal contact. Regular upkeep of oil changes can ensure a much longer engine lifespan as well as the need for fewer repairs.

  • 20W-50 is a blend of highly refined mineral base-stocks and high techn
  • ology additives.
  • Meeting the API specifications SF and CC.
  • SAE 20W-50 viscosity provides excellent film strength and wear protect
  • ion in hot climates or under arduous operating
  • High performance anti-wear and anti-oxidant agents combined with
  • detergent/dispersant additives ensure clean and deposit-free engines.
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