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EBC Greenstuff Brake Pads DP6814

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Part Number: BA 2197A

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Additional Information

Supercedes DP6814,STC9150KA
Brands EBC
Categories Braking
Products Performance Braking
Suitable for Vehicles Defender, Discovery
Suitable for Models Defender Ninety, Defender 90, Discovery 1
Suitable for Application Defender Ninety, Defender 90, Discovery 1
Suitable for Fitment All models
All models up to (VIN) KA930455
All non vented disc brake models
Frame Size N/A
Fitting Instructions


A disc break system is comprised of brake pads, a break caliper and a brake disc. Upon pressing the brake pedal, brake fluid flows to the caliper under pressure from the master cylinder, pressing the pads against the disc.

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