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Our Click & Collect service in Caerphilly, Wales is now open! Please abide by government COVID-19 guidelines when using the service.

Monthly Archives: January 2020

Restoration Project: Parts Suitable for Defender Vehicles!

If it's an emergency repair job or a long-awaited project, restoration is a true labour of love! However big the...

L'Asie en Soi-e - Series Land Rover of Darjeeling

There are still a lot of Indian Series Land Rover vehicles, a legacy of the British Raj, around Darjeeling. Locals...

4xFar Festival - The New Defender

I have to admit, I was sceptical at the beginning of the new Land Rover Defender and of what the...

Boris the Defender

What inspired you to get involved with Land Rovers?   For a long time I have loved Land Rovers, and...

Emergency Parts for the Welsh Ambulance Service

Last week we heard the news that our national Ambulance Service had fallen victim to a theft. This Land...

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