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4xFar Festival - The New Defender

I have to admit, I was sceptical at the beginning of the new Land Rover Defender and of what the 4xFar festival would entail in general.  Having been able to attend as a vendor (with Voyager Racks) and witness it from beginning to end, the entire experience was amazing.  I think Land Rover did an astounding job pulling in a new crowd that might not have otherwise driven a Defender, or any other cars in the line-up that were also available on the off-road course. Almost like a re-branding as the most capable, hippest, get-you-anywhere-you-want-to-go beast, and do it while your Instagram friends watch jealously.


To focus on the festival for a minute, it was fascinating to watch the morning crowd rush to get their hands on the new Defender as soon as possible, and then some of the more overlanding aspects of the festival, such as axe throwing, fly fishing, or hearing the Camel Trophy contestants speak. These were the true enthusiasts.  As the afternoon and evening crowd trickled in, they were more likely to be wearing festival attire, have artists that they particularly wanted to hear, and then take part in events such as Carpool Karaoke (good plan on JLRs part to get more people inside Range Rovers!)


The Grand Empire Oasis in Coachella Valley lent itself to this unique atmosphere seamlessly. 4xFar was a relaxing oasis, but also a perfect playground for the new Land Rover Defender. I got the chance to drive the new Defender on the track as well as ride along with one of the professional drivers on a different course.  Both were built to showcase the trucks clearance, breakover angles, and tilt.  I was impressed with the new terrain feature that you can personalise yourself.  I went in as a sceptic and came out wanting to drive one on some real obstacles! There is no doubt that this is the most capable truck Land Rover has to offer, at least in terms of off-road capabilities. And the first one to get its own party!

Thayer Low - @discovery_girl42


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