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Agnes in Malawi - the African dream part 5

We arrived at Lilongwe airport to collect some more friends which would make 7 passengers and a guinea pig in our Agnes. Senga Bay and Cape Maclear proved to be beautiful spots on Lake Malawi.


A leaky roof in rainy season

We had a leak in the roof of Agnes in rainy season which was pretty unbearable. No decent waterproofing material could be found, so we spoke to local boat builders to find out where we could find bitumen. We pointed at the bitumen they were using. “Ah! Maline Grue!”. When we referred to it as “Marine Glue” they had no idea what we were talking about. A full days work of melting bitumen on a camping stove in the hot sun. Our first night in a heavy rain along the lake would reveal the soul crushing reality that it hadn’t worked.


Fascinating fishermen

Mitch and Harry woke at sunrise to paddle out and photograph the fishermen out of Nkhata Bay. One fisherman in a dugout canoe had three tin buckets, the rim lined with carefully prepared and baited hooks attached to one long line. Mitch followed him, struggling to keep up as he took long, powerful strokes, occasionally un-snagging hooks with ease. After he had finished his first bucket, he began preparing the next, still heading away from shore. Mitch turned around and after an hour of hard paddling arrived at the shore, the same fisherman now a dot on the horizon, still setting his line by hand.

A spectacular week

We had put in some long shifts of alternating between driving, sleeping in our bunks or eating cereal; our staple diet when covering long distances. Only 50km to the border of Tanzania. After a spectacular week with beautiful new faces we said our goodbyes to Nolan and Tuscan and Dom. They had to cruise home to reality. We pulled over and slept, ready for a new country the following day.

The next stop for us and Agnes is Tanzania, where the border crossing procedure was the most ambiguous process yet. We're almost at the end of our journey so keep an eye our for next post! For now, you can see what we're getting up to over on our Instagram.

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