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Boris the Defender


What inspired you to get involved with Land Rovers?


For a long time I have loved Land Rovers, and being born and bred in Devon, you can’t get away from them. I had the chance of driving a 2016 special edition 90 a few years ago and that was the tipping point when I decided I was going to have to get one. The desire has grown over the last six or so years from wanting one, to needing one. 


I had a VW Golf which was great, but when the 'Beast from the East' struck, I was stranded at home watching people with Defenders towing people up hills and saving others from a freezing night in their cars. That made me even more determined to have a capable car. I tried and failed with an Audi Quattro, thinking I would be good to go a bit further than before, but I was wrong as it wasn’t great and started coming me lots of money.


So that was it. I bit the bullet and found a great example of a 97’ 300tdi 110 up on Dartmoor. It had to be a 110 as I wanted to be able to sleep inside. Stupidly I didn’t even measure it to see if I fit, but thankfully I do… just. All in all, the idea of having a truck you can go anywhere in and sleep right in the back was just brilliant. I love the nature and community of LR’s. They also just look great and I love taking photos of them!




How long have you had an interest in Land Rovers?


I would say seriously seven years but before that I can’t remember not having an interest in them. My dad also told me he still remembers going to shows with his father who worked for Land Rover in the 40's. They would do the displays of the first Series 1's together, testing its capabilities on 45* inclines, wowing audiences. This also probably edged me towards liking them.


Where did the name ‘Boris’ come from?


Haha! Not Boris Johnson, even though a lot of people think that. It was really just a matter of thinking through names. I was sitting at my friends' house the night I bought it and we all went through names and liked Boris! There aren’t many other with that name so I like it. It also makes people laugh! 



What are your plans for 2020?


In terms of maintenance and upgrades, the list goes on! I would like to have the underbody protected and cleaned really thoroughly, as well as stopping water from leaking on to my feet! 


For adventures this year, I've just returned from a work trip on the Isle of Harris which was stunning, so I would love to drive through Skye to Harris and stay for a few days, as well as exploring Scotland. I also missed all of last years shows so that is a goal as well as meeting up with my fellow ambassadors from All Terrain Collective and exploring with them.


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