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Defender Rebuilding Journeys

Warren Defender Featured

Kyle Eddings, the founder of Warren Defender, gives us an insight into how he got involved in his Defender rebuilding journey.

“This is my first Defender rebuild. I knew that in order to fully understand everything about the Defender, I would need to take it apart bolt by bolt, replace what was needed and then put it back together again. It’s the best way to understand the Defender. So that’s what I did, and I’ve loved every, well, almost every minute of it.

Warren Defender Garage 1

At first, finding support was difficult. I learnt very quickly that forums weren’t for me, but I ended up stumbling upon a man that had rebuilt Land Rovers for the past 25 years and was getting out of the business. He was a wealth of knowledge and I flew out to him as he exited and filled up a 25’ truck with his best tools and equipment.

Next, the problem was parts. Some parts were obsolete and of course everything had to come from the UK, which meant a delay in progress. Honestly though, Bearmach often gets me parts within two days of ordering in the US or otherwise. It’s a huge win to have that kind of service. I can find the other parts elsewhere and maybe a few dollars cheaper but waiting an extra week for that part just isn’t worth it. I had to wait up to 2 months for some parts such as doors, a bulkhead, and a bonnet but I wish I had found Bearmach before those orders. I’ve now found my supplier for mostly everything.

Warren Defender Garage 4Land Rovers weren’t made for speed or comfort, but they do beg for it at times. I now know that I can make that a reality without sacrificing integrity and I can build these for people who see the same potential and nostalgia in the Land Rover Defenders that I do”.

You can follow Kyle Eddings at @warrendefender on Instagram


Warren Defender Garage 2

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