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Grandma's Rescue Mission

Jack's Series IIA Land Rover in Cornwall Jack's Series IIA Land Rover in Cornwall

Here at Bearmach HQ, we have had a Cornish visitor sitting patiently in our garage. A rather elderly vehicle from the 1960s who has quite the backstory to tell. She’s about to head off on her next adventure and Bearmach have been honoured to be part of the next phase of her journey. A journey that will take her down under to Australia!

Bearmach has been working with Jack Dobson, a Land Rover loving Brit living in Australia, for the past couple of years. A long-time advocate of our parts and accessories, it was a match that was meant to be and we’ve been proud to work with Jack and his growing family of Land Rovers.

Jack Dobson with his Series IIA in Australia Jack Dobson with his Series IIA in Australia

Jack purchased his first Land Rover, when he was 16, for £450, it was love at first sight and Jack spent many an evening and weekend working on his new vehicle. His Land Rover saw him through school and university before moving from Cornwall to Bath for a new job. This is where disaster struck and his beloved Land Rover was stolen in the night. Even with a steering lock fitted and the rotor arm taken out, Jack suspects she was put on a trailer to be stolen. Jack never gave up on finding his Land Rover again and after 2 years, she finally appeared again on eBay. She had a different paint job and some other less appealing upgrades but nevertheless, Jack knew it was her. A call to the police and a VIN check later, she had been recovered and kindly donated back to Jack by his insurance company. Reunited at last!

Jack had always planned to ship his 1964 Series IIA to Australia since he moved out there in 2011. He owns another Series IIA from 1968 called ‘Old Girl’ and a 2012 Defender 110 ‘Bruce’ for his travels but he’s always planned to get his original Land Rover to the other side of the world. A Land Rover that he now affectionately calls ‘Grandma’.

In the 6 years that have passed since Jack moved to Australia, Grandma has been parked at his dad’s house in Cornwall. Unable to move her due to a temporary visa and an expired MOT, Jack was acutely aware that she needed to be moved soon, preferably 10,780 miles to his new home in Aus.

We, at Bearmach, decided that we could help and hatched a plan to travel from Wales to Cornwall and collect Grandma. We would pick her up, bring her back to Bearmach HQ, assess her and then take her to Southampton for the longest leg of her journey.

Grandma was sat at a local garage outside in the Cornish air. Inside beams of sunlight poured in through the ripped holes in her canvas hood. In all honesty, she had suffered with rust from the local weather but her V8 still roared ferociously. An MOT had been attempted but further work was needed to get her roadworthy. Onto the trailer she went and off to Wales for a thorough assessment.

Jack's Land Rover arrives at Bearmach Jack's Land Rover arrives at Bearmach

Back at Bearmach HQ, our technical team put Grandma on the ramps and gave their verdict on her condition. A few umms and ahhs and associated beard scratching was followed by the news that despite the rust, she was salvageable and that we could supply all the parts needed for Jack to restore her.

Series IIA converted to a V8 engine Series IIA converted to a V8 engine

A few phone calls later and we were told that a Lotus was looking for a shipping container companion in early October from Southampton. We set to work on a thorough deep clean for Grandma as very strict shipping imports means that no mud, bugs or foliage can go with her. She was steamed, cleaned and scrubbed before heading back onto the open road to Southampton.

Cleaning the Series IIA for export to Australia Cleaning the Series IIA for export to Australia

Heading out from Southampton in early October means that she will arrive in Australia near the end of November. She is on the seas passing Singapore as I write this and Jack is already preparing for her arrival along with some Bearmach treats, including shock absorbers, leaf springs, gaskets and lots more!

Grandma waiting to go on a shipping container to Australia Grandma waiting to go on a shipping container to Australia

We’ll share the next part of the story with you when Grandma and the parts arrive down under! Watch out for it.


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