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How Bearmach's 60th Anniversary logo was created

Over the last 60 years the Bearmach brand has experienced evolutionary changes. We wanted to create a celebratory anniversary logo that encompassed the last 6 decades of Bearmach’s history and to show how far we have come and grown as a company. Here’s how we came to the logo we have today…

It began as a simple nut shape with the company initials and the Torosyan’s (former Bearmach owners) Tiger image.

Bearmach Torosyan Tiger Logo

The tiger was eventually dropped, but the nut remained our logo in the 1980s and would be the branding for the company for 30 years in various forms.

Bearmach Nut Logo in Blue

In more recent years, the nut logo evolved, incorporating the full Bearmach name and the first appearance of our Bearmach green colour scheme.

Bearmach Logo in Yellow and White

In the late 2000s, the logo changed more dramatically, with the addition of a quality seal, to represent our dedication to developing and distributing first class, quality products to OE standards or above.

Bearmach Land Rover Parts

The team at Bearmach has worked hard to grow a reputation of quality products and excellent customer service, and now our reputation proceeds us. We therefore decided to streamline our company logo with one simple message – Bearmach, Parts for Land Rovers.

Bearmach Parts for Land Rover

As a celebration of the past 60 years, we wanted to create a special edition logo for 2018 and incorporate as many elements of Bearmach’s history as we could into the anniversary logo, including the original nut shape from decades past. And here we have it…

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