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L'Asie en Soi-e - Series Land Rover of Darjeeling

There are still a lot of Indian Series Land Rover vehicles, a legacy of the British Raj, around Darjeeling. Locals use them to go on some of the worst Himalayan roads at the border with Nepal. The city of Darjeeling is known as the 'Queen of the Himalayas'.

The vehicles date back from the British rule period and were brought to India in the 50's, mostly by tea estate owners. There are over 86 tea estates in Darjeeling that are responsible for producing the worldwide famous 'Darjeeling Tea'. The Series used to be the only cars in Darjeeling for a long period and most of the locals remember them, but are now only found on the Sandakphu road that goes along the border with Nepal.  Now, they are tourist cars/taxis and apparently they are only authorised to drive on that road!


There is a Land Rover Association in Maneybhanjang which is the starting point of the trail but they are only a commercial association dealing with tourism and authorisations to enter the National Park and drive the Series.

L'Asie en Soi-e

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