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We are offering a Contactless Collection Service from our Caerphilly office! To order, please call 0333 1233152 (option 2) before you arrive

Thayer Low - Ladies Taking the Wheel

At the 2018 Land Rover National Rally, my teammate Penny Dale and I were excited to lead the first all-women’s...

The Chassis Buyer's Guide, by Bearmach

Replacing the chassis on a Land Rover can be a time-intensive task, which all starts with the big question: "WHICH CHASSIS...

Jaunt Motors - Creating Electric Vehicles for Adventure

Jaunt create electric vehicles for adventure, up-cycling iconic four wheel drives for sale and rental across Australia. What was a...

How they do it in Siberia... Preparing your Land Rover for life at minus 45°C!

When temperatures start dropping, we start thinking about what we can do to stay warm in our beloved Defender, because...

La restauration: Un véritable travail d’amour!

Qu’il s’agisse d’un travail de réparation d’urgence ou d’un projet tant attendu, la restauration est un véritable travail d’amour! Quelle...

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