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Emergency Parts for the Welsh Ambulance Service


Last week we heard the news that our national Ambulance Service had fallen victim to a theft.

This Land Rover Defender Puma 110 forms part of the Welsh Ambulance Service's Fleet Department and is called to action when ambulances break down. An opportunist saw their chance and stole the bonnet and one of the vehicle's four Land Rover badges.

The story travelled quickly on social media and was picked up by BBC News. Soon enough, three local companies jumped on board to get the Land Rover back on the road, free of charge; RT Williams (recovery), Newhouse Motors (repair) and ourselves (parts)!

When we had the call to proceed, we quickly realised there was more to the damage than initially thought. Whilst the bonnet was being taken, the front grille had been ripped, causing damage to the grille frame panel and connecting parts (not to mention if you've ever fitted a bonnet, you'll know there are around 15 parts to do it!).

Jason from the Bearmach Technical Team (second from left) got to work identifying the part numbers and Jon T (fourth from left) from our UK team made sure they got to Newhouse Motors in Pontypridd as quickly as possible for installation.

Newhouse Motors did a great job of getting the parts fitted nicely and soon the Land Rover was back with the Welsh Ambulance Service! Here's how it looked.


(Image taken from Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust Facebook post)




Here's what was fitted:

Grille Frame - ASJ710060

Bonnet - BKA710140

We're so proud that we were able to help and want to say well done to the team for getting the parts out to the garage so quickly!

All that's left to say is diolch yn fawr (thank you!) to the Welsh Ambulance Service for all that you consistently do for our local community, and we hope this doesn't happen again.

To read more from the Trust, click here


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