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Rebelle Rally - Eight Items that Team Anam Cara Pack

I believe for many Rebelle Rally competitors, including myself, the countdown to the rally is a bit like waiting for the holidays. It is filled with anticipation, extreme excitement, and lots of preparation!

Being a Land Rover owner, my Discovery 4 (Monty) is the first thing I think about when it comes to longer adventures and I’m sure many Rover owners can relate.  This weekend I will be fixing the actuator on the rear hatch of the D4 before my teammate and I can load anything into the truck! I also just replaced the air filters with new Bearmach filters, as my Land Rover sees a good amount of dirt and sand and I try to keep that out of Monty’s engine.

Air Filter

Monty has been a great third teammate for the Rebelle as it provides the comfort and capacity of a midsize truck, with the capabilities of a true Land Rover! The rally goes through all terrain; from Rocky Mountains to desert ending in the Imperial Sand Dunes. The D4 conquers them all like a champ.

Thayer's D4

The Rebelle Rally offers several challenges we need to prepare for. Here are a few of the items I wouldn’t leave home without:

  • Recovery boards: Not a required item, but since we know we will be driving in the sand dunes, I always bring four.
  • Shovel: See above!
  • Jumper cables: For my own truck or to help a fellow competitor
  • Tire plug kit: I travel with two full size spare tires for the rally but would prefer to plug a tire if possible.
  • Spill kit: We try to limit our impact if there is a spill.
  • Fire extinguisher: Mandatory for the event, and I keep a smaller extinguisher in my vehicle year-round.
  • Strap, rope, shackles: Your average recovery gear can come in handy if you know how to use it properly and come across another competitor in trouble or find yourself in a bind.
  • Duct tape/zip ties: Small extras like these can help out with anything like holding a fender on (not that I have experience!) to keeping your hair in place in a pinch.


Thayer's 8 items

The Rebelle Rally is almost here again and I’ve had just about as much fun getting ready as I’m going to have on the course come October 10th, and thanks to our partners like Bearmach, Monty is ready to conquer anything!

- Thayer Low

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