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We are offering a Contactless Collection Service from our Caerphilly office! To order, please call 0333 1233152 (option 2) before you arrive

Restoring a Land Rover Defender 110 in Zurich!

The Land Rover Defender was always my dream car and after 30 years, my dream became a reality. I purchased a Land Rover Defender 110 in Switzerland, and it wasn’t long after that we started to rebuild it in an underground car park in Zurich.

I love nature and for me, the Defender stands for nature and adventure with the possibility to go anywhere and everywhere! The Defender is not just a car for us but an attitude to life - travel, adventure and discovery. This vehicle is robust, versatile and adaptable – just like a big Lego car! Once you start there is never an end, and thankfully to Bearmach, there’s always enough parts.

The rebuild - which parts were changed?

We worked on the wheel spacers, a double battery, a drawer system, auxiliary heating, headlights and a sleeper extension - I was kept busy.

Bearmach supplied my Relocation Cones and my Blue Coil Springs, along with my Mantec Spare Wheel Carrier.

One of the most difficult parts of the project I’ve worked on so far must be fitting a new chassis as every change brought along new problems in other places.


What were the most difficult parts to work on?

It was mainly the shocks which caused problems for us. First the mounting didn't fit and then it turned out that they were not suitable for the vehicle weight, resulting in them being changed several times. The parts that we purchased from Bearmach, e.g. the Blue Coil Springs, fit perfectly first time! After much trial and error, we have now found a good solution for on and off-road. I love the fact that I can adapt it to my needs.

Plans for the future?

I plan to eventually travel to the colder regions of Europe. Crossing endless fords in Iceland and exploring its incredible nature has been my most memorable experience with my Defender so far!

Rouven Flöter

Follow my journey here - @hamburgerklau

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