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Shaver Lake 2019

Shaver Lake North & South California Land Rover Club Line Up

by Eric Herbert of the Northern California Land Rover Club

Northern California Land Rover Club hosted their annual Shaver Lake Snow Run February 15-17. This is an event that the club has been running for over a decade. Some years there’s plenty of snow on the ground, some years there’s not so much. This year was a record breaker and will be remember and talked about around campfires for years to come.

The prior couple weeks leading up to the event included almost constant storms dumping many feet of new snow. Members kept a close eye on weather reports and as the event got near it was evident the storming would continue through the event.

Shaver Lake Land Rover Snow Convoy

The weather would be relentless and created some treacherous driving conditions at elevation. This inevitably caused a few to back out, but 18 drivers braved the snowy and icy conditions to make it to Camp Edison where our base camp would be. 16 drivers came from NCLR (Northern California Land Rover Club), 1 from SCLR (Southern California Land Rover Club), and 1 from an overland club.  Our group consisted of Discovery 1’s and 2’s, RRC’s, LR3’s, LR4’s, a P38, a RRS, and a LR322. Discovery 2’s and RRC’s being the most represented with 4 each, all heavily modified for extreme terrain.

Shaver Lake Range Rover Deep SnowThe trail itself was barely visible as the fresh snow covered everything in a thick blanket of powder.  The run would be slow going as we would have to plow our way through the hood height snow and getting stuck was a matter of when, not if. The snow continued all day. The trail provided some great wheeling and recovery practice for every vehicle. Nearly every strategy and piece of equipment was employed including land anchors, traction pads, every type of strap you could think of, snatch blocks, etc.  Besides just good ole fashioned fun, there was a lot learning going on.

Eventually the trail became too deep and impassable and it was time to turn around.  Turning around became its own challenge as the trail was only as wide as we had cut it. Once back to the trailhead we all lined up along the road to air up and socialize before heading to town for dinner and then back to camp. It continued to snow all night, but the crowd around the communal campfire wasn’t affected. All in all, a fantastic and memorable trip!

Shaver Lake Snow Run 2019


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