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Thayer Low - Ladies Taking the Wheel


At the 2018 Land Rover National Rally, my teammate Penny Dale and I were excited to lead the first all-women’s trail run that the event had ever seen.  We had a variety of women join us. Some ladies had their own built-up Discovery vehicles, while others were borrowing their husband’s or Dad’s rigs for the day. One lady hadn’t even driven on the street in years after a bad accident, but in this all-female confidence-boosting setting, she got behind the wheel of a friend’s Disco I and did the entire trail herself! When she returned home, she started driving again. We were thrilled!

This year at the Great American Rover Rally, I will be leading trails again, with at least one being an all-women's run.  Much like the Rebelle Rally, it’s not that women need an easier or different setting, it’s that sometimes that we need the empowerment that goes along with another lady cheering us on, until we fully understand a concept. This can be applied to so many situations, on road and off.

SCARR’s Rover Rally has an all-women’s trail run that has grown by leaps and bounds over the years, with support from Bearmach. One of SCARR’s greatest talking points is that two women actually bought their own trucks after the rally! Sometimes it is simply helping women realize they are far more capable than they know.

I have personally wanted to be in the automotive industry since I could talk. My first sentence included “Ferrari!”.  I’ve done everything from going to school to design cars, sell cars, and now rally Land Rovers! I never dreamt as a kid that this is what I would get to do, but in time I have learned that even though competition is fierce, it’s building others up and showing joy at another person's victory that really makes competing fun.

I’ve been on a mission to spread this joy and empowerment. All women should get to experience the bonding experience that goes along with finding their tribe and excelling at their passion. One life, live it.

Thayer Low

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