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The Story behind the Defender Style Fire Pits

Our small family run business is based in Merthyr, Wales, and this is our story behind the Defender Style Fire Pits! My father started it as a hobby at the beginning of lockdown. He’s got an MOT Station on the premises and inevitably, as many small businesses have experienced, this pandemic has unfortunately had enormous consequences. This hobby of his initially started when he built the CNC table. He learned from YouTube tutorials, googles searches, reading and much trial and error until he built the table and then... Well, we weren’t sure what to make. We started making 2D items. We knew then it had so much more potential.

We have a Range Rover and we have always had a 4x4 in the family as far back as I can remember. The Land Rover is an iconic wagon and if you can, why not make one from sheet metal?!

From 2D we progressed onto 3D VW Firepits and then we were asked by David Spear if we could build him a Land Rover, so that's what we did. That’s when we started making the Fire Pits. We gathered the shape of the Defender, was iconic in its very nature. A lot of our customers prefer flat top (usually bespoke).


We will continue to develop and enhance every aspect of what we do here. Especially different the style Landys. The very first that we made was actually a Land Rover Series III. We have had several requests for different models and it's definitely something we are going to pursue in the near future. We made the best out of a bad situation with this whole pandemic and we hope to keep our customers happy with new and exciting products over the Christmas period and into the New Year.

You can find the Defender Style Fire Pits here > FIREPIT

Defender Style Fire Pit

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