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Our Contactless Collection Service is available from Bearmach Caerphilly. Please adhere to local lockdown guidelines. See for more info


  • Top Seller
    Heavy Duty Portable Air Compressor
  • Top Seller
    Portable Air Compressor

    Portable Air Compressor

    T MAX

    BA 2641

  • Farm Jack Adaptor

    Farm Jack Adaptor

    T MAX

    BA 185A

  • Heavy Duty 4ft Farm Jack (48 inch)with foot plate
  • Farm Jack 5ft Heavy Duty

    Farm Jack 5ft Heavy Duty


    BA 1855

  • High Lift Jack 4ft

    High Lift Jack 4ft


    BA 185G

  • Auxiliary Battery System

    Auxiliary Battery System

    T MAX

    BA 2685

  • Farm Jack Handle

    Farm Jack Handle



  • Portable Air Compressor Gauge & Pipe
  • Farm Jack Large Foot

    Farm Jack Large Foot

    T MAX

    BA 2668

  • Farm Jack Repair Kit

    Farm Jack Repair Kit

    T MAX

    BA 2669

  • Split Charge Monitor

    Split Charge Monitor

    T MAX

    BA 2685A

  • Tyre Step

    Tyre Step


    BA 4888

  • Tyre Repair Kit

    Tyre Repair Kit


    BA 9001

  • Farm Jack Extension

    Farm Jack Extension


    BA 185AG

  • Tyre Deflator

    Tyre Deflator


    BA 9020

  • VDE nut driver 11mm x length 125mm for electricians         VDE stand for Verband Der Elektrotechnik.  Insulated

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