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Diagnosing mechanical faults can be a costly and time consuming exercise, not to mention tricky. To keep the time and costs of repair down and increase the efficiency of mechanical work, Bearmach supply the HawkEye Total plug in and play diagnostic device, which is suitable for diagnosing mechanical faults on Land Rover vehicles - with 100% accuracy.

The HawkEye Total is designed for accuracy and ease of use. It can be used by the home mechanic and professionals alike. Lightweight, and portable, it is plug in and play hardware, making diagnosis simple. It plugs straight into a specially designed point under your kick panel. The HawkEye Total quickly identifies the exact fault, and from that information you can easily deduce the part required to repair the fault.

Once you have diagnosed the fault, our technical team are always on hand to support by phone when looking for a specific part. Ordering the right part through the Bearmach website is equally painless. Using HawkEye Total and Bearmach together means you will be back on the road in no time.

Hawkeye Total is suitable for use on a wide range of Land Rover vehicles, comes unlocked and ready to use right out the box. 

Please note: Extra dongles and cables may be required. 

Features Include:

  • No batteries required
  • Unlocked 
  • Comes with handy carry pouch
  • Simple to use
  • Identifies faults quickly and accurately
  • Fits in glove compartment or cubby box
  • No laptop required


The diagnostic tool is robust and comes with its own storage pouch. The keypad has well defined buttons and is powered directly from the vehicle. The clear graphical display is easy to read and features on-screen prompts. The specific applications will allow you to access information from your vehicle. Functionality includes READ and CLEAR fault codes, LIVE DATA, ACTUATORS, Electronic Control Module data.

Suitable for Land Rover vehicles including:

DEFENDER (Includes Puma)













Please check the HawkEye Total Application Data in the download link below to see if the HawkEye covers the specific application you require for your vehicle. 

Keep a mechanic in your glovebox and buy HawkEye Total today.

  Download Application Data for BA 5068

HawkEye Total FAQs

How can I get the latest upgrade for my HawkEye/HawkEye Pro?
You will need to send the unit back to Bearmach HQ. Please send an email to to arrange it.
Where is the diagnostic plug on my car?
It is usually under the kick panels, but if you check in the workshop manual or Google there are usually pictures to help you find your relevant diagnostic plug. The socket will be in the passenger compartment, with easy access from the driver’s seat. Normally this will be between the steering column and the vehicle’s centreline.
What happens if I pull the plug out by accident?
The unit or the vehicle will NOT be affected but you must start again. This is an in-built safety function, so programing cannot be affected. The HawkEye Total service tool has a 25-way(check) connector through which it can communicate. When connecting the cable to the HawkEye Total service tool, always secure the cable with the fixing screws to prevent accidental disconnection during use.
Will the fault codes come up automatically as soon as I plug it in?
No. You must choose what field you want to check e.g. engine, body, security etc. 
Who do I contact if I have problem?
You can contact us at for guidance if the unit is faulty. We will not be involved in diagnosing vehicle faults, but we can advise on where to look for help. We have found that a lot of forums are useful in helping with the next stage of diagnostics when trying to repair your vehicle.
How do I find out what the codes are?
The unit displays the fault code along with a description that gives a good indication of the code. We also sell a code breaker book that gives a detailed description of the potential faults. The part number of the book is CODEBREAKER and is available from Bearmach.
How do I find out what dongle and leads I need?
On our website, there is an application list. It lists all the leads and dongles you need.
What are the warranty terms?
One year: however, faults are very rare so please contact your supplier in the first instance. When sending goods for service or repair, please give full details of faults requiring attention and proof of purchase for warranty claims.
How do I find out what vehicles the HawkEye Total will work on?
This information can be found in the list of applications, the link is on this page. There is a list that sets out what functions can be carried out by HawkEye Total and what cables and dongles are needed.
Why doesn’t HawkEye Total carry out all the functions on all Land Rover vehicles?
The functions are governed by what software is released to us by the manufacturer.
Why is the screen only able to show 3 lines at a time?
To maintain the usability of the unit, the screen size was designed to display 3 lines. We have incorporated the up and down arrow to enable further lines to be displayed. Always check to see if there are other lines other than the 3 displayed. Sometimes 4, 5, & 6 are critical to a repair or diagnosis.
Can I clear the faults down and try them again?
Yes, after you have made a note of what they are. Clear them and try again. A good idea is to road test them and if the failure light comes back on make a note again.
Can I have other languages on my HawkEye Total?
Yes. The unit comes with English, Spanish, and French built in. If you go into main menu, you can change from one to another. The Quick Start Guide is in English, Spanish, and French.
Can I drive the vehicle with the HawkEye Total plugged in?
Yes, some ECUs will revert from Diagnostic mode when the vehicle is being driven.  This will cause some live data readings to be unavailable under certain driving conditions.
Can HawkEye Total code keys in?

Yes, but you should look what type of vehicle, as some models require keys to be ordered by chassis number.

DISCOVERY 1, FREELANDER and DEFENDER vehicles with 2 button blips {10 as} can be programmed. The DISCOVERY 2 vehicle can also be programmed if you have the bar codes that come with every key you want to code in. For all others, consult the workshop manual. Pre-96 Discovery vehicles, with the single button remotes can be programmed to the car without using any diagnostic computers.

How do I code the keys in on a Discovery vehicle?

When programming keys with HawkEye Total on a Discovery 2 vehicle, you need the barcodes for all the keys that you are going to program from the start. You usually have the barcode with the new key, but when it comes to the other keys, there are a couple of probabilities. If you purchased the car from a dealer when it was new, you would’ve received the barcodes in your service pack. Alternatively, the code will be logged in the handbook If you have 2 barcodes, follow this process:

Go to the ‘program new keys’ section and follow the instructions.

  • Press the button of the new remote so the BCU ‘hears’ it, and then type in the barcode from the tag.
  • Enter the * at the start and end of both barcodes. Be careful and precise when entering the code, remember to code all the keys you have. If you leave any out they will not work.
How do you code a key on a Range Rover L322 vehicle?

Replacing a missing master key is quite expensive. Do not pay the extra cost of ‘Dealer Coding.’ You can do this yourself in two minutes by following the simple process below:

1. Get in and close all doors. Turn ignition on and off quickly and remove the key (all within about 5 seconds).

2. Within 30 seconds of turning the ignition off, while holding down the ‘unlock’ button, press the ‘lock’ button three times. Release the ‘unlock’ button. (You may or may not get the confirmation from the door locks.) Holding the key at your head level provides the best results as the key sensor is in the side window pillar.

3. Repeat for each key you want to initialise within 30 seconds after the last one you initialised (if you have more).

4. After confirming the last key, quickly put the key back in the ignition and turn it on/off again to finalise.

What does DTC mean?

Common Terms.


ECU — ELECTRONIC CONTROL UNIT these units may control a separate function, for example fuel injection, ignition.

OBD I — ON BOARD DIAGNOSTICS these diagnostic systems were specific to individual Manufacturers’ and not consistent throughout the industry, prior to 1995.

EOBD II — EUROPEAN ON-BOARD DIAGNOSTICS -  Mandatory for most vehicles with petrol engines produced after 1st January 2000. Vehicles already in production of that date were granted exemption until

January 2001.


What precautions do I need to take to use the HawkEye Total?
  • Make sure the vehicle handbrake is firmly applied. Block the wheels as additional safeguard if the vehicle is on sloping ground. Especially if you are using HawkEye Total on the electronic hand brake.
  • Take care to avoid placing metal tools where they may cause an electrical short, such as, near the vehicle battery, or where engine vibration may dislodge them.
  • Take care not to inhale exhaust gas. Never run the engine inside a garage or in a confined space. When running the engine, always ensure that there is an adequate circulation of fresh air.
  • When carrying out tests on a motor vehicle, remember NEVER disconnect a battery terminal with the engine running, since the alternator would then run at a damaging over-voltage.
  • Never deflate the air suspension when on jacks or physically under the vehicle. Also, watch your height when re-inflating suspension.
  • Use a multimeter not a probe type tester when testing circuits.
  • Keep children and animals away from the vehicle while work is being carried out.

The following guidelines are intended to ensure the safety of the operator whilst preventing damage to the electrical and electronic components fitted to the vehicle.

Equipment – Prior to commencing any test procedure on the vehicle, ensure that the HawkEye Total service tool, its harnesses, and connectors are in good condition.

Polarity – Always observe the correct polarity when connecting the HawkEye Total service tool to the vehicle battery.

Before carrying out testing on a vehicle, the following procedure should always be observed.

  • Check the handbrake/parking brake is on.
  • Check that neutral or park is selected.
  • Keep test equipment and harnesses away from HT leads.
  • Be aware of moving parts.
Can you use a battery charger when using the HawkEye Total?
Yes, as long as it’s a trickle charge. Do not use a booster pack or jump the vehicle as surge could damage the car and unit. The use of a trickle charge is recommended if a long term diagnostic session is expected.
What happens if I leave the HawkEye Total diagnostic connected to the car?
Not a lot. It only uses a small ampere draw, but we would not recommend a prolonged time without the engine running or trickle charger on.
Can HawkEye Total turn off my ACE?
No, not at this moment (Dec 16). there are implications as the ABS is connected through the SLABS system.
Has HawkEye Total got a reset button?
Yes. Press and hold the 4 Buttons Left and right Arrow, Exclamation Mark, Tick and Cross together - this will reset the unit.
Has the HawkEye Total got an internal battery?
No, it runs off the car battery supply.
My HawkEye Total will not communicate with the vehicle, lost coms?
The first thing to check is the connection pins on your vehicle make sure they are not damaged, make sure the cable is not damaged. It is also worth checking the fuses on the vehicle and check the connections on the car.  Faults can be caused by connecting accessories to the diagnostic wiring. This will cause a ‘no coms’ situation.
When I’m connecting 14CUX connection, where do I plug the red/lead crocodile clip?
Connect it to the battery positive on the vehicle you are working on.
Can it code the towing electrics for all newer vehicles?
No, not to date. We are looking to develop this in the future.
Is there an online support forum?
No, but there are many forums on the web that could be of help:,,
Can HawkEye Total read MAF faults on TD5?
Yes. If you go into real time monitoring / live data, find MAFFS and it should, with the engine running, show 0.02 of a volt, but if you give the car full throttle for 1 second it should go to 4.0 volts. If this does not happen, the MAFS unit needs replacing. For some reason this fault does not show up on the MIL engine malfunction light, you will also experience hesitation.
Can HawkEye Total bleed the brakes on ABS systems?
Yes, one man can do this.
On Discovery 2 vehicles, will it turn from coil spring to air spring and vice versa?
Yes, if you go into ABS programing CONFIGURATION.
Can it code the injectors on Discovery 2 vehicles and how?
Yes, this is supported. It is very easy, just follow the instructions on-screen.
Can HawkEye Total diagnose faults on a Range Rover Classic vehicle's air suspension?
No, sorry this function is not supported. 
Can HawkEye Total diagnose faults on a Range Rover Classic vehicle's ABS?
No, sorry, but you can find the blink code in the workshop manual. This works well. 
On Range Rover P38 vehicles, can I programme my BeCM?

BECM – Body Control Module (Range Rover vehicle – P38A) the following special functions are available for BeCM on the scan tool:


There are several configurable parameters on the BeCM. The scan tool can be used to alter these parameters. Most parameters are functional, such as ‘Fog lamps Fitted’, ‘Sunroof Fitted’. Other parameters relate to the vehicle configuration, such as engine type, gearbox type. Some parameters also relate to security, and hence can only be altered on a new or ‘unlocked’ BeCM module. The lock state of the module can be viewed under the Programming – Security selection, but this parameter can only be changed from ‘Unlocked’ to ‘Locked’. This should be used when a new module has been installed and all parameters listed below have been entered correctly. WARNING: Once locked a BeCM cannot be unlocked using the scan tool. Parameters only available under the ‘unlocked’ state are VIN (last 6 digits) Immobiliser Code: - For EDC and Motronic engine management systems, this must be entered into a new BeCM in order for the engine start synchronisation to work. For EDC systems, the code must be read from the EDC system using the scan tool and entered here. For the GEMS system, any code can be entered here (0 – 65535), but after entry the ‘Learn Security’ option must be selected from the GEMS module on the scan tool.

EKA Code: The Emergency Key Access number for the vehicle. Must be a 4-digit number, each digit must be 1 – 6, all digits cannot be the same (e.g. 2222).

Fob Code: This is a three-part Fob code, which is created from the 14-digit barcode number found on the lockset and key fob. If a lockset is replaced, a new Fob code must be entered. This code can be obtained from Land Rover dealers, by supplying them with the 14-digit barcode number.

ECU Lock Status: As mentioned previously this can only be changed from ‘unlocked’ to ‘locked’. This should only be done when the correct VIN, Immob Code, EKA and Fob Code have been entered.

Note: An unlocked BeCM module will still function correctly when fitted to a vehicle. The only side-effect of this is that diagnostics with certain other modules (HeVAC) may be impaired.


WARNING: Once locked a BeCM cannot be unlocked using the scan tool.

Can you reset the North American spec service light on p38?

Yes – NA EMR Lamp Reset.

This function is included in the Actuators menu, although it is more of a reset than an actuator. The NA EMR Lamp is a warning lamp on the dashboard of the P38A, and is only fitted to vehicles sold in North America (US and Canada), and hence, is not applicable to the European market. The EMR lamp will illuminate every 50,000 miles (or 80,000 km) to indicate that an emissions check is required. The lamp can only be reset using this function on the scan tool.

Can HawkEye Total function on CAN bus faults?
CAN is one of the communication standards defined in the EOBD (European On-Board Diagnostics) standard, ISO 15031 and in the equivalent American OBD II standard. In Europe, EOBD has been mandated as the diagnostics standard on all new petrol vehicles sold since 2001, and all new diesel vehicles sold since 2004. By model year 2008, CAN will be the only permitted interface for OBD II diagnostics in the USA. Even without legislation in Europe, it is more than likely that the vast majority of manufacturers will follow suit and utilise CAN as the interface for providing EOBD functionality.

This article has only touched the surface of the technical features of CAN. A large amount of information can be found on the Internet. The following sites may be of interest:
Suppliers of diagnostic tools with CAN capabilities
Creators of the CAN standard
CAN in Automation. A wide range of articles relating to all aspects of the CAN bus


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